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For more information about establishing or contributing to a scholarship, please contact Ruth Harrison at 254-968-9769 or email

Achieving dreams.
Making the Impossible Possible.

How do you compute the value of a college education? Is it measured simply by a graduate's increased earnings? What about a graduate's impact on his or her family and community? Perhaps, because it is positive in so many ways, both tangible and intangible, the value of an education is so great that it cannot be calculated. However, this much is certain: to realize the value, college students need financial resources.

Because over 80% of Tarleton students receive some form of financial aid, scholarship funds play a critically important role in changing lives through education. Without these funds, a college education might not become reality for many student.

Types of Scholarship Gifts

Tarleton State University offers two opportunities to make a difference through scholarships programs:

Funded Scholarships

Funded Scholarships are typically distributed the year they are received by Tarleton, or the following year and the award amount is equal to the amount contributed.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowed scholarship fund provides scholarships year after year from a portion of the fund's earnings. By providing at least $10,000 in funding, you can create an endowed scholarship fund, with the option of taking up to three years to contribute the minimum funding requirement.