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Grace Hallgarth - Fine Art major

My name is Grace and I am a Fine Art major at Tarleton State University.

What initially drew me to Tarleton was the size of the school. Unlike at larger universities where you tend to disappear in the student body, Tarleton has a much more personal intimate size to the classes that allows for more one-on-one interaction with professors. I also like the fact that most of the instructors here, a great deal of them, are professors rather than graduate students and because of that they have more experience to offer in their teaching.  

I'm currently a sophomore and in the past two years my art has grown substantially. The professors here have taught me many new techniques that have helped me to recognize good composition and it has enhanced all my current art that I've done since. Something that I really value that I wasn't expecting when I came to here was to become part of real close-knit group here in the art department. Because of our size and because of all the studio time that we spend together, we've really gotten to know one another pretty well and we have been able to share experiences and share artistic ideas and been able to grow off of each other. It has helped all of us to become better artists.  

During my first year at Tarleton I was awarded the scholarship and because of the high expectations it set, I've tried my best to push through my classes and to do really well and to try my hardest to represent the school and my family well. One of the best things that I've been able to gain from the scholarship is the opportunity to afford a summer study in New York City this past summer, and that has been one of the most significant experiences I have had because it not only helped me artistically and in technique and a new perspective in art, but it also helped me to grow as a person because it helped me to become more independent and it helped to solidify some of my own personal ideals and it's because of scholarships that I was able to do that.

I'd like to extend a thank you to all of Tarleton's donors for providing scholarships. It's your great generosity that helps students like me to excel and to strive for higher goals.

Thank you.

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