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Assessment Forms

Each course will have an entry in WEAVE. Department heads will determine who enters information in WEAVE. For write access for new persons, contact Diane Taylor.

To start, the Mission, Goals and Outcomes need to be entered. The University wide goal is below.

Mission: The mission of Tarleton State University’s undergraduate curriculum is to allow students an opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for personal fulfillment, successful careers, and responsible citizenship in an increasingly diverse and global society.

Goal: To prepare students for academic and professional success, social responsibility, and personal growth by providing educational experiences that integrate written and oral communication, critical thinking, problem solving, analytical and creative activity

The student outcomes for each class are those that were established when the class was approved for core credit in 2014. These can be found at Core Categories by clicking on the appropriate class. Please make sure to check the corresponding Core Curriculum associations.

Measures and targets have not yet been established for each class and that will need to be done. The university wide target is that 70% of the students succeed at the specified learning outcome. Please upload rubrics that are being used for assessment purpose.

If your target is not met, then an action plan will be developed addressing what will be tried for improvement. The next iteration, then can also address whether those changes made a difference.

Having the material in WEAVE will allow for better tracking over the years, particularly, as different individuals become involved. The department head will include in the annual summary an assessment of the core curriculum classes in the department and the overall progress of meeting our overall goals for core curriculum.

The department chair is responsible for a) ensuring submission of course forms, and b)developing an overview of how well the core objectives overall are being met in the department to be entered as part of the annual report.

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