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Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art is a pre-professional program that develops students' conceptual prowess, technical competency and independent problem-solving to meet the challenges of a career or advanced study in the visual arts. The BFA program in Art comprises the following concentrations: Studio Art or Teaching Certification. Through studio critiques, the study of sophisticated art and design concepts, mastery of skills and technologies and critical analysis of historical and contemporary issues, students learn to analyze and evaluate visual art and to apply this knowledge to their own creative practice. Graduating students demonstrate their competence by producing a cohesive body of work presented in their senior capstone exhibition to a panel of faculty reviewers and the general public.

Note: Since most courses are not offered every semester, students should be aware that failure to take a required course when it is offered may delay graduation.

Courses are offered as much as student demand will allow as well as if we have the availability of faculty and space to teach the course.

Required Courses for all BFA Majors - 2021/22 Catalog Year

General Education Requirements (42 credits)
ARTS 1303 Art History I   ARTS 2326 Sculpture I
ARTS 1304 Art History II   ARTS 2348 Digital Art I
ARTS 1311 Design I   ARTS 2356 Photography I
ARTS 1312 Design II   ARTS 3333  Contemporary Movements in Art
ARTS 1316 Drawing I   ARTS 4390 Art Portfolio Capstone
ARTS 1317 Drawing II   FINA 4301 Arts in Contemporary Society
ARTS 2316 Painting I      

BFA - Studio Art Concentration

Advanced Art Electives (21 Credits)
Advanced Electives (12 Credits)
Electives (3 credits)

BFA - Teacher Certification Concentration

ARTS 3310 Introduction to Art Education
ARTS 3311 Experimental Media Studio
ARTS 3341 Painting II
ARTS 3351 Sculpture II
Advanced Art Electives (3 Credits)
COMM 1311 or COMM 1315 or COMM 2302
EDUC 3320  Foundations of Teaching
EDUC 3330  Models of Instruction
EDUC 4330 Application of Effective Teaching Practices
EDUC 4335 Issues of Professionalism
EDUC 4690 Clinical Teaching
READ 3351 Content Area Literacy
PSYC 2308 or PSYC 3303 or CHFS 3300

Programs and Opportunities

Tarleton Art Society in front of the Guggenheim

Tarleton Art Society

Tarleton Art Society is a student-run organization that brings together like-minded individuals from various artistic disciplines to promote artistic knowledge. Each year there is a wide range of activities hosted by this organization, including fundraisers, mural painting, field trips, New York City visits, and workshops. For more information, contact Tim Harding, Faculty Advisor.

Tarleton Film Festival

Annual Film and Moving Image Festival

The Digital Media Studies Department and the Communication Studies Department of Tarleton State University are proud to present the 16th annual Tarleton Student Film & Moving Media Festival. This competitive cinematic event screens every year in the Spring, giving all Animation and Moving Image students a chance to show off their work!


Digital Motion Capture Lab

Digital Motion Capture Lab

The Digital Media Studies program includes a state-of-the-art Vicon Motion Capture System, as well as professional video and digital imaging studio equipment. Our facilities also feature 2D and 3D printers and scanners and other digital fabrication devices.

Visiting Artist Lectures and Workshops

Visiting Artist Lectures and Workshops

Every semester the Department of Fine Arts holds a number of visiting artist lectures and workshops featuring artists from the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as nationally; here, artists visit and lecture about their experiences and work. Recent workshops included 19th-century process photography as well as advanced sculpture casting. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Student Work

Tarleton Game Club

The Tarleton Game club is a student-run art club at Tarleton that meets weekly, usually in FA room 162. Tarleton Game Club is a club that promotes game design, games, game development and more for Tarleton students and staff. Each year the club hosts tournaments, LAN parties, designs their own games, and enters game design competitions. See the Tarleton Game Club Facebook page and the Steam page for more info.