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The Theatre Program is a part of the Department of Fine Arts. We encourage creative thinking and the development of the multiple crafts of theatre through experiences explored in rehearsal, performance and the classroom. We strive to provide you with:

  • Comprehensive programs in theatre to include all performance, design and technical elements
  • Exposure to a wide variety of performance styles and historical periods
  • Opportunities to improve self-discipline in preparation for a deadline-driven, production-oriented career
  • A supportive environment in which you will be encouraged to try new things and learn from your failures.

Theatre Internships

Programs and Opportunities

Actors on set for Best Little Whore House.

Tarleton Players

The Tarleton Players, the oldest theatre organization at Tarleton, strives to promote interest and encourage further knowledge and experience in theatrical arts by the presentation of productions for the benefit of the college and community. Any student at Tarleton may be a member. The Tarleton Players sponsor the Clown Troupe, co-sponsor the Annual Haunted House with SPA and host the annual Players Banquet at the end of each academic year. For more information, contact faculty sponsor, Mark Holtorf.

Group of students on stage for play.

Alpha PSI Omega

Alpha Psi Omega aims to stimulate interest in theatre activities at Tarleton and to secure for the university all the advantages and mutual helpfulness provide by a large national honorary fraternity. By electing students to membership, the fraternity provide a reward for participation in theatre activities of the university. To learn more about Alpha Psi Omega, contact faculty sponsor, Carol Stavish.

Close up of stage lighting.

U.S. Institute for Theatre Technology

USITT, a national organization for professionals and educators in design and technology, has a unique mission to serve the performing arts profession and its supporting industry and to encourage and stimulate the finding and training of those demonstrating performance talent and the creation of production facilities and audiences in the state of Texas.

Membership is open to students in good standing of the USITT. To learn more about USITT contact, faculty sponsor Prudence Jones.