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Visual Arts

Tarleton is welcoming creative and inspired minds to consider a degree in the visual arts! We strive to provide a learning environment that promotes critical thinking, creativity, and technological expertise in the study of new and emerging digital communication technologies. Digital Media Studies features a prominent interdisciplinary focus across the College of Business Administration, the College of Liberal and Fine Arts and the College of Science and Technology.

While core classes in art history are a required part of the art curriculum, you will be given many opportunities to customize your education in our art or digital media programs. Take advantage of diverse course options and opportunities including:

  • All-level teacher certification
  • Study drawing, painting, and digital media
  • Introductory classes in areas such as sculpture, printmaking, digital design, and photography
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Digital media emphasis options
    • Digital communication technologies
    • Graphic design
    • E-marketing
    • Application design
    • Web development

Programs and Opportunities

Tarleton Art Society in front of the Guggenheim

Tarleton Art Society

The Tarleton Art Society is a student-run organization that brings together like-minded individuals from various academic disciplines to promote artistic knowledge. Each year there are a wide range of activities hosted by this organization, including fundraisers, mural painting, field trips, and workshops. For more information about the Tarleton Art Society or how to join, contact Tim Harding, Faculty Advisor.

Digital Motion Capture Lab

Digital Motion Capture Lab

The Digital Media Studies program recently opened a multi-use facility in the newly renovated O.A. Grant Humanities building. The lab has several amazing features, including a state-of-the-art Vicon Motion Capture System, as well as professional video and digital imaging studio equipment. Our facilities also feature 2D and 3D printers and scanners and other digital fabrication devices.

Brown Bag Lecture participant standing in the auditorium

Brown Bag Lectures

Every semester the Department of Fine Arts holds a number of Brown Bag Lectures coinciding with the gallery exhibit during the lunch hour; here, artists visit and lecture about their experiences and work. Bring your lunch and learn about our visiting artists' work. All are welcome!

Close up of gaming controller in front of TV.

Tarleton Game Club

The Tarleton Game club is a student-run art club at Tarleton that meets weekly, usually in FA room 162. Tarleton Game Club is a club that promotes game design, games, game development and more for Tarleton students and staff. Each year the club hosts tournaments, LAN parties, designs their own games, and enters game design competitions. See the Tarleton Game Club Facebook page and the Steam page for more info.