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Frequently Asked Questions

Program-Level Questions

In respect to Peer and Aspirant Institutions, are you all using IPEDS to make informed decisions in regard to this topic?
Will Huron be meeting with every department/program on campus?

Budget Process Redesign

Under the new budgeting system, will colleges be treated more like a profit center or a cost center?
Will colleges be allowed to retain "profits" (e.g. cost savings)?

Next-Level Data Project

Are you hiring an outside consulting firm to implement and run the strategy?
Will you be hiring a CDO?
Do you have a proposed framework yet?
Will you be including MDM (Master Data Management) in the process?
Will this process include a Data Warehouse and BI initiative?
Does the strategy include democratizing the data?
Will it be cloud based or on-prem?
If the AVP-Level Leader is responsible for this area, why does the Chief Data Scientist not report to the AVP?
What’s the rationale for the Analytics Center going through the Chief of Staff rather than the Provost? Is that a best practice or is there a specific institutional reason for that structure?

Organizational Optimization

To what extent does this process (for possible reorganization and streamline of services) fold in national standards and best practices, particularly with NACE- National Association of Colleges and Employers. For instance, when looking on paper at how a department, such as Career Services, is arranged, it could be assumed that the "ratio" of employee:supervisor needs to be addressed. How much does this process explore and factor in such national departmental specific information, competencies to uphold and special skills associated, coupled with projected institutional student growth, R2/R1 status and D1 institution?

Academic Portfolio

Can we sustain the number of low productivity academic programs we have?
Will academic program review include analysis of delivery methods (face to face vs online) and locations (on-campus vs off-campus)? Will there be comparison in online program infrastructure among aspirant or peer institutions? We have potential for growth (which is needed to achieve our strategic enrollment goals), but we don't have the infrastructure that many of our competitor institutions have around online programs.

Space Assessment

University Space Committee

Does this committee exist or is this a proposal?

Staff Representation

How was the University Space Committee representation determined and does it adequately represent staff as well as faculty?

Registrar Representation

Why is the Registrar's Office not represented on the University Space Committee?

Project Participation and Interviews for the Space Study

How were participants selected for the space study? What was the methodology used to select the participants? Clarification of rank (administrator versus faculty) and campus location would be helpful.

Scope of the Study

What aspects of space utilization were addressed in the study?


What consideration was given for storage space?