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Types of Loans

Federal Direct Student Loans

Loans available to students who demonstrate need based as Results of FAFSA. Subsided are only provided to undergraduate students and can differed in award about based on student's class level.  Unsubsized loans are provided to both Graduate and Undergraduate. The office of Financial Aid determines the amount of award offered each academic year. Learn more about the difference between these types of loans.

Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students

Student loan offered to eligible parents of students enrolled in at least half time at Tarleton. This loan offers up to the difference between the student's cost of attendance and other financial assistance student is eligible to receive. View our video to learn more about the PLUS Loan

Graduate PLUS Loan

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan for students who must be in-rolled for at least half-time in a Graduate degree program.

Short Term Loans & Book Loans

Business Services provides this option to students at Tarleton who experience temporary financial difficulty in paying for educational expenses. This loan cannot repay long term loans.

Alternative/Private Loans

Loans that are provided by Lending Instructions available to every type of student. This option should be considered only when student has received and maximized Federal, State, and Instructional Aid. Watch a short video about about Private Loans and their interest rates to learn more.