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Student Employment Opportunities


Federal Work-Study (FWS) and Texas College Work-Study are supported by the Federal and Texas Governments, and provide students with an opportunity to help cover educational expenses through part-time employment. Work-Study positions are available on-campus at numerous departments as well as off-campus at selected non-profit employers. Off-campus positions are community service-based employment positions that are part of the Community Service Work-Study Program.

Eligibility Requirements
What Happens After I Apply?

Intern 2 Learn

A participant works as intern for faculty and staff in areas related to their academic program. Once a student gains experience they may receive pay increases. This program is designed to provide relevant work experience and qualifies as R.E.A.L. (Real World Experience Applied to Learning) internship.

Eligibility Requirements

Use Handshake to browse positions and apply, or visit the Career Services Office on the second floor of the Barry B. Thompson Student Center.

Graduate Assistantship

Assistantships for graduate students are available in most academic departments that offer a master's program as well as other university support areas. Most assistantships require teaching, laboratory instruction or research. As assistantships are awarded by each department, applications should be directed to the head of the department in which the applicant studies.

Eligibility Requirements

How You're Paid

Students employed on Work-Study and Intern 2 Learn are paid bi-weekly. These payments will be made on dates outlined within the payroll schedule. Graduate assistants are paid monthly.

Work-Study Programs are handled through the Tarleton State Office of Financial Aid. For more information, email the Office of Financial Aid.