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Unofficial Withdrawal Policy

In compliance with Federal Regulations relating to student assistance General Provision [34 CFR 668.22), Tarleton State University must determine whether a return of Title IV federal funds is necessary when a student fails to attend or ceases to attend class and does not withdraw. This situation is referred to as an “unofficial withdrawal”.

In order to comply with this federal regulation, Tarleton State University has established an “F0 and FX” grade to reflect such students who unofficially withdraw. The F0 grade indicates a student who never attended a class and the FX grade indicates a student attended but stopped attending at some point in the semester and a date will be assigned as the last date of attendance for that class. These grades will be reported by the faculty and the grades will be noted on the official transcript. Both F0 and FX will count as an “F” for GPA purposes.

At the end of each semester (Fall/Spring/Summer) the financial aid office will run a report to identify federal aid recipients whose grades for the term are all F0 or FX or a combination of F0, FX, Q. The students on that list will be evaluated to determine if he or she should be considered to have unofficially withdrawn. If it is determined that a recalculation of federal financial aid is required, the financial aid office will promptly calculate the amount and type of funds to be returned to the federal aid programs. For more information on the Return to Title IV Funds calculation please go to the Financial Aid website.

Students who have their financial aid recalculated will be notified immediately. Any reduction of financial aid will be reflected on the student’s account and can be reviewed through their Gateway. Students will receive a letter via mail as well as an email to their Go.Tarleton email account.

For information on Academic Records appeal, contact the Office of the Registrar.