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Maintaining Eligibility

To be eligible for financial aid:


Tarleton's Office of Financial Aid monitors each student receiving financial aid after the fall and spring semester to ensure that eligibility requirements are maintained. Students must maintain SAP to ensure continued financial support, please review the SAP requirements.


Tarleton State University’s Office of Financial Aid actively monitors your attendance at specific periods to determine if you have demonstrated attendance in accordance with enrollment requirements.

Tarleton State University's Office of Financial Aid will check your enrollment status prior to disbursement of any financial aid funds. Tarleton will adjust aid based on enrollment status (hours enrolled).

Financial Aid Overawards

Federal regulations require colleges to consider all educational financial assistance to be calculated in determining student eligibility. If it is determined an over award has occurred and needs to be resolved, it may result in funds being returned to an aid program and the student owing the University money.

Financial assistance includes:

  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Scholarships
  • Waivers, fellowships & assistantships
  • Work-Study
  • Specific Veteran educational benefits
  • Athletic Grants-In-Aid
  • Programs used to cover postsecondary educational expenses

An overaward will be caused when a student receives more aid than their:

  • Financial Need
  • Enrollment eligibility
  • Cost of Attendance

You will be notified to your email if we have to adjust any financial aid due to an overaward.

Repeated Coursework

The Office of Financial Aid monitors courses that are repeated (retaken). You may repeat the course and receive financial aid until you've passed the course with a "D" or better. If you choose to repeat the course again (as a degree requirement or to boost your GPA) it can be counted for aid only one more time. However, all repeated coursework is accounted for in your SAP, regardless of the grade you receive.