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Texas allows certain categories of foreign students to qualify for Texas financial aid and pay resident tuition and fee rates while attending public institutions of higher education in Texas.

To receive this classification, you must be able to meet one of the three criteria below:

  • You must hold a visa that enables you to domicile in the United States*. You (or your parent, if you are a dependent) must be gainfully employed in Texas for at least 12 months preceding enrollment
  • You (regardless of INS status) have petitioned for permanent residency status (have filed an I-130 or I-140)
  • You have resided in Texas for 36 consecutive months leading up to graduation from high school or the receipt of a GED certificate, living at least part of that time with a parent or court-appointed legal guardian. You have not established a residence in another state or location and have not taken any college hours prior to fall 2001 that required admission to an institution of higher education. (This includes hours taken through dual enrollment while attending high school)

Review Deadlines and Apply for TASFA

Complete your TASFA electronically each year you’re requesting Financial Aid for Tarleton State University. For more information watch the video, When Should I Apply for Financial Aid?

TASFA Filing Dates for the Academic Year
Filing Date Consideration
January 15 Final filing date to be considered for any institutional funds
January 15 TEXAS Grant for initial eligibility