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Living the Learning Community Experience

Research shows communities make the difference:

  • Increase in student learning and engagement
  • Promote active learning and teamwork skills
  • Increase student success rate
  • Increase persistence and graduation rates

A Learning Community is a group of students enrolled in a set of courses in which participants have a common major or interest. Participation in this program allows students to network quickly with peers pursuing similar goals. Each community is limited to no more than 24 students. Students benefit from the linked courses through connections with peers, faculty, and a higher level of engagement in their scholarly work. Students interested in our Learning Community programs can also choose if they would like to live in a residence hall together with other participants in the Learning Community. Although not required, students who choose the residential option typically experience an increased level of academic success.

To be selected, apply by completing and submitting the Learning Community Application.

For more information, visit our Learning Community page or contact us at 254-968-9763.