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Senate Members

Senator Department Extension Mailbox
Dr. Pam Winn, President Educational Leadership & Technologies - Fort Worth 817-717-3334 T-0008
Dr. Jarrod Schenewark, President Elect Department of Sport Science 0593 T-0370
Dr. Misty Smith, Secretary/Treasurer Social Work 0710 T-0655
Dr. Karl Aho Government, Legal Studies & Philosophy 9022 T-0660
Dr. Lynal Albert Engineering & Computer Science 9727 T-0390
Dr. Chandra Andrew Agricultural & Consumer Sciences 1641 T-0040
Dr. Triss Ashton Management, Marketing, and Administrative Systems 1705 T-0330
Dr. Lisa Cavin Curriculum & Instruction 1939 T-0290
Dr. Jennifer Dias Psychological Sciences 9091 T-0820
Dr. Sharece Downey Criminal Justice 9767 T-0665
Dr. Dustin Edwards Biological Sciences 9153 T-0100
Dr. Keith Emmert, Past President Mathematics 9302 T-0470
Dr. Carol Fieser Medical Laboratory Sciences and Public Health 1689 T-0470
Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason History, Sociology & Geography 9141 T-0230
Dr. Kevin Fulk, Parliamentarian Marketing & Computer Information Systems 1977 T-0170
Dr. Trinette Jones Animal Science & Veterinary Technology 9636 T-0070
Dr. Matt Laurent Health & Human Performance 7674 T-0370
Dr. Heather Mathewson Wildlife, Sustainability, & Ecosystem Sciences 1892 T-0050
Ms. Yvonne Mulhern Library 9934 T-0450
Dr. Beck Munsey Counseling 817-717-3695 T-0008
Dr. Catherine Ronck Chemistry, Geosciences & Physics 1862 T-0540
Dr. Jarrod Schenewark Sport Science 0593 T-0540
Dr. Paul Stafford Communication Studies 9033 T-0370
Ms. Donna Steen Pre-Licensure Nursing 9587 T-500
Dr. Ben Sword English and Languages 0562  T-0370
CPT Meredith Woodard Military Sciences 9557 T-0480
Dr. Jun Xu Engineering Technology 9779 T-0390