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Organized Research Grants

Organized research grants (ORG) are competitively awarded to faculty from an annual Call for Proposals originating from the URC Chairperson. The primary purpose of these grants is to provide seed money for research program establishment or expansion. They are not intended for the maintenance or continuation of on-going projects or to provide funding for graduate thesis or dissertation activities. Organized research grant (ORG) projects must focus on faculty research, scholarship, or creative works. Due to the funding source supporting such activities, project awards are limited to a period of one year. Award minimums and maximums vary depending on funding availability, project complexity, number of proposals received and requested funding level.


Eligibility for an Organized Research Grant is determined by the Committee according to the following criteria:

  • Full-time faculty from any discipline are eligible to apply, including those who have accepted employment for the effective year of the grant but have not yet arrived on campus.
  • To be eligible for consideration, all project proposals must first be approved by the applicant’s Department Head and Dean.

Funding Restrictions

Funding restrictions for an Organized Research Grant are determined by the Committee according to the following criteria:

  1. Grants will not be awarded for research to fulfill the requirements of an advanced degree.
  2. Grants will not be awarded if the project’s primary intent is recognized as course, curriculum or program development, institutional self-study, or personal/professional development.
  3. Grant funding is restricted for use by University faculty only. 

Application Procedure

  1. Faculty may request proposal guidelines and forms from the URC Chairperson at any time. These are also available through the Office of Faculty Research web page.
  2. Proposal submission deadlines are established by the URC. For planning purposes, the Call for Proposals for the coming academic year will be released by February 15 each year.
  3. Applicants must submit proposals using approved forms via the MAESTRO portal on or before the published due date.
  4. Faculty members may submit only one research proposal request as a principal investigator or a co-investigator. If multiple requests from the same faculty member are received only the first submission received will be evaluated and considered for funding.
  5. Faculty or Department Heads may request a status update regarding committee action after May 15.