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Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activity Internal Grants

Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activity Internal Grants support the establishment or expansion of a faculty member's research or creative activities programs via seed money to purchase supplies to conduct research, hire students to complete research or creative activities, or to reimburse travel expenses of students and their faculty mentors to present or conduct research or creative activities. 

Who May Apply

To apply for this grant, the applicant must be a full-time tenure-track faculty, tenured faculty, or research scientist as of September 1, 2018 (including new faculty). 

Application Deadlines

  • Apply by May 15, 2018 for award terms Fall 2018 - Summer 2019.
  • Apply by October 16, 2018 for award terms Spring 2019 - Summer 2019. 

Application Submission

Applications should be submitted through MAESTRO and include the following components:

  • Application Narrative
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification

Download the Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activity Internal Grants information packet for complete details. Also, check out the informational video for additional information. Download the Maestro Guidelines for step-by-step instructions on creating your proposal in Maestro. 

Terms and Conditions

The grant term will be the current fiscal year. All funds will need to be expended prior to the August 31st closing date and will need to follow the University's purchasing deadlines. 

If awarded, you will receive notification of a subaccount that was set up in your name. You will be the responsible party on the account and be able to approve all transactions or payroll. Consult your departmental administrative assistant and/or college budgets and records specialist to disperse funds to purchase supplies, reimburse travel, hire student research assistants, or submit your faculty stiped for payment as outlined in your approved grant application. Budget changes from your approved application of grater than 10% will need approval by the Office of Research and Innovation prior to disbursement.

A year-end report will be due on the September 30th following the fiscal year you are awarded in, in which you will need to provide an accounting of how the grant funds were expended. The report should also briefly explain how the funds were used and any products (e.g., publications, presentations, external grant proposals) and significant student achievements that resulted from the grant. The final year-end report should be sent to

Student Presentation at Tarleton Symposium
Students who receive funds from a Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activity Internal Grant are strongly encouraged to present at the Tarleton Research and Creative Activity Symposium.

Sponsor Recognition
Any products directly resulting from the Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activity Internal Grant should include the statement, "This research was supported, fully or in part, by a Tarleton Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activity Internal Grant".

Grant Policies
Please make sure that you follow the terms and conditions of the grant award. Future proposals may not be considered for any principal investigator that does not follow the policies outlined for the grant award.

Please send pictures and stories from your research work to to feature in our publications and on social media!