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Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activity Internal Grants

Notice of Award

Principal Investigators will be notified in writing of a Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activity Internal Grant award on or before the 20th class day of a new academic year. Notification will include the award budget and new account number. The PI will be responsible for completing final account setup processes with Business Services. A copy of the award notice also will be sent to the principal investigator's department.

Grant Accounts

Individual grant accounts will be restricted for use toward the approved activities and cannot be used to support other activities.

All funds awarded must be spent or encumbered by the end of the fiscal year in which the award was made. Accounts will be closed to new expenses on August 15, and remaining balances will not carry forward.

Principal Investigators are required to notify the Office of Research and Innovation if and when it is determined by the PI that all or part of the grant will not be used.  Funds not spent or committed by July 1 of any fiscal year are subject to recapture.  Recaptured funding may either be reallocated to other current awardees or used to cover other research infrastructure needs. Approximately three months prior to the end of the funding period, grant accounts will be audited and awardees will be contacted regarding the disposition of unencumbered funds.

PI Stipends

For those proposals that include PI stipends, the stipends will be paid following standard practices.

Other Personnel

Others authorized for employment under the grant must be hired using procedures defined by Employee Services. No one will receive pay from the grant account until all require documentation is complete and permission to hire has been approved by Employee Services.

Supplies and Equipment

For equipment and supplies that cannot be provide by the PI’s department, proposals may include descriptions and appropriate amounts. The purchase of these items must follow standard purchasing guidelines provided by Business Services.


Where travel is involved, the PI must submit travel requests through normal university channels, and travel must be billed to the PI’s grant account number.

Required Reports

A final project report is due on or before September 15 following the period of the grant award. If work on the project has not been completed by the Final Report due date, PIs must submit a progress report at that time and one every three months thereafter until a Final Report is submitted. Additionally, PIs must submit copies of resulting publications, presentations, or other scholarly works when they become available. The ORI reserves the right to disregard future grant applications until all required reports are submitted.

Project/Budget Modifications

Deviations of greater than 10% of the awarded budget allocations must be requested through and approved by the ORI. Work on the project must be suspended until the modification request is either approved or denied. The ORI will notify Business Services of approved budget modifications.


All publications and professional presentations resulting from research or scholarly activity and supported by ORG funds must acknowledge that the effort was supported by a Tarleton State University Faculty-Student Research and Creative Activity Internal Grant.

Copyrights, Patents and Intellectual Property

Research or other scholarly work potentially resulting in commercialized products or for-profit intellectual property are governed by Texas A&M University System Policy 17.01.