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Organized Research Grant Awards 2016-17
Principal Investigator College/Dept Title
Jonali Baruah PSYCH Creativity relevant skills: does specialization improve group innovation
Amber Bozer PSYCH Chronic pain disrupts decision making and brain activity
Kristina Higgins EDUCA Parenting and the enhancement of early numeracy in young children
Arthur Huang ENCS Geography of emotions: how the built environment shapes happiness
Michael Landis SOCSC Cornerstone of the confederacy: slavery, ideology, and power
Cindy Rippe’ CIS Lonely consumers' retail store experience
Rajani Srinivasan CHGP Synthesis and characterization of plant-derived non-toxic delivery system
Sara Taylor MLS Local estradiol mediate synaptogenesis in a hippocampal cell line
Kartik Venkataraman ENCS Impacts of climate change on wind speed and the water-energy nexus
Jolena Waddell ANSCI Calpastatin isoforms in chickens affected by woody breast
Jennifer Yeager NURSG Empathy of baccalaureate nursing students caring for aging patients