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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Amber Bozer-Harris shares her instructional intervention to peers.

Reporting Requirement

Participants will develop and conduct a classroom research study that results in a scholarly product suitable for peer-reviewed journals and/or conference presentations. Faculty apply evidence-based practices and work to enhance the learning experience of Tarleton students. 

The purpose of this program is to better understand and improve teaching and learning through scholarly inquiry into student learning by conducting an in-depth, conceptualized, and evidence-based research study. 

Participants in our program will examine and reflect upon teaching and learning in their discipline in a systematic way by using research methods and making results known to the campus community and beyond. Participants will be encouraged to develop and implement novel educational innovations and/or to adapt proven, learning-focused instructional strategies to improve classroom teaching and learning.

Who should apply?

Ideal candidates are full-time faculty who are interested in performing classroom and other assessment techniques designed to document improvements in teaching resulting in measurable increase in student learning outcomes.


Full-time faculty are eligible to apply for this program. Applicants must be prepared and committed to participate in all related activities and to complete the expected deliverable schedule.

Adjunct faculty will be considered for this program with the approval of their department head.

Application Criteria
Application Selection