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Best Teaching Practices


The Faculty Fellows at Tarleton strive to provide campus faculty and staff with all of the tools they need for teaching and enriching the lives of students in their respective departments and colleges. The following are research-based teaching practices by exemplary teachers per college at Tarleton State University. The Faculty Fellows wanted to provide faculty a resource that highlighted effective teaching practices at our university.

This is a work in progress for the Faculty Fellows. We are always looking for online or face-to-face examples of evidence-based teaching practices.

College of Health Sciences & Human Services

Dr. Jones

Dr. Nathalie Jones is an Assistant Professor in the Social Work Department. Her research interests include healthy aging, healthy relationships & the scholarship of teaching and learning with technology in social work education. Dr. Jones is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. She is also a member of the Tarrant County Disproportionality & Disparities committee and the founder of Working Women United, Inc. Dr. Jones was in Cohort I of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning group as well as selected by the Dean of COLFA to serve in the Engaged Scholars Academy at Tarleton State University. Dr. Jones enjoys teaching and observing her students successfully engage in social work experiences and activities. Read Dr. Jones’ research-based teaching practices.

College of Business Administration

Dr. Watson

Dr. Derrill Watson specializes in teaching Economics and is the Faculty Fellow representative for COBA. Dr. Watson thrives on keeping students engaged as they are learning in a classroom setting and is passionate about sharing the knowledge he has gained in this area with other faculty members. Read Dr. Watson’s research-based teaching practices and discover his methods for keeping students interested and engaged in learning. Dr. Watson has taught in Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, and Germany, and these experiences have provided him many strategies to engage diverse learning communities.

College of Liberal & Fine Arts

Dr. gearhart

Christopher Gearhart (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies, Faculty Fellow representative for COLFA, and teaches in the area of Professional and Relational Communication. His research has led to 20 published articles and book chapters on a variety of topics including listening, sports, and teaching methods. In 2016, Christopher was awarded the Outstanding Junior Faculty Award for Tarleton State University. He shares three wonderful sons Christian, Luke, and Asher with his wife, Kimberly. Read Dr. Gearhart’s research-based teaching practices.

College of Business Administration & School of Kinesiology

Sometimes we find faculty from different disciplines use the same strategy or teaching techniques to accomplish course objectives and goals. Dr. Watson and Dr. Tallach utilized the same best practice with modifications to fit their respective content learning goals.

Dr. Watson

Derrill Watson, Assistant Professor, Dr. Watson specializes in teaching Economics. Dr. Watson’s teaching interests are diverse and include Development Economics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Food Policy, Public Choice Economics, International Economics, Money and Banking. Dr. Watson works to engage his students in serious classroom discussions; the Split-Room-Debate is one practice he utilizes to provide his students with a voice concerning varied content-related topics. Read Dr. Derrill Watson’s account of the Split-Room-Debate teaching Practice.


Dr. Watson

Research Interests: Food Policy; Development Economics

Dr. Tom Tallach, Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Sport Science, joined Tarleton State University in 2013. Dr. Tallach teaches course ranging from undergraduate classes (e.g., Intro to Physical Fitness & Sport) to graduate classes like Adaptive Physical Education. He infuses best practices and uses pedagogical research to guide class planning and the design of various learning experiences for his students to master course objectives and goals. Read Dr. Tom Tallach’s account of the Split-Room-Debate teaching Practice.