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Welcome to the Faculty Commons!

Faculty Commons
  • Engage students in applied learning to strengthen connections between theory and practice
  • Enhance students' global perspective
  • Provide a distinctive collegiate experience to prepare students for life beyond college
  • Engage students in transformative experiences to increase critical thinking skills
  • Inform faculty about potential funding opportunities
  • Build research capacity through training
  • Facilitate collaborative efforts across institutions and agencies
  • Offer assistance with grant development
  • Provide proofreading and formatting services for manuscripts
  • Focus attention on writing as a means of gaining knowledge
  • Shape and present knowledge within discipline-specific professions
  • Educate students and faculty about available writing intensive courses.
  • Support faculty and students in their use of innovative instructional tools for teaching and learning
  • Support instructors with the implementation of tools for their instructional needs, assists students in using these tools, shares information across the university about effective practices, and examines the effect of technology on teaching and learning
  • Provide expert guidance in how to create meaningful and robust assessment planning
  • Coordinate academic assessment reporting and monitoring for the university and for outside accreditors