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Calculus II

Fall 2022 (August 18 - December 9)

MATH 2414-010/510 - Calculus II

Scheduled face-to-face class meetings: MWF starting at 9:00 am and TR starting at 9:25 am.  If face-to-face classes are suspended due to COVID, log into the course in CANVAS for synchronous Zoom streaming (that will be recorded and posted in a timely manner) for remote participation.


If face-to-face classes are suspended due to COVID, read the book, look through the course notes for examples, participate in the synchronous sessions on CANVAS (Zoom) and email me with simple questions.  If you have more elaborate questions, bring them up during the Zoom class.

Course Notes

Homework and Labs will be due in the evening of the next class day after the material is covered.  See the course calendar for when the material is covered.  Scan to PDF the work and submit via the Assignments tab in CANVAS.  If Canvas is broken, then email the submission to [email protected] with the PDF as an attachment.  Please copy yourself on emails to preserve submission timeline in case of technical difficulties on the professors end.

Review of Calculus I

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapters 8 and 10

Chapter 11

Labs (Mathematica notebooks):

Clicking on the lab will open the Mathematica notebook in a web interface (using a plug-in).  To work within the notebooks, save the notebook to your local storage, launch Mathematica from the start menu and open the saved file.

Other Materials:
Office Hours (Math 331):

See home page.