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KINE 5306   School and Community Health

KINE 5312   Contemporary Issues in Sports Medicine

KINE 5313   Administrative Practices in Sports Medicine

KINE 5314   Special Topics in Sports Medicine

KINE 5315   Education and Research in Sports Medicine

KINE 5316   Leadership and Professional Development in Sports Medicine

KINE 5317   Leadership and Professional Development in Kinesiology

KINE 5385   Seminar

KINE 5399   Internship in Kinesiology

KINE 5686   Problems  

KINE 5688   Thesis

ATRN 5357   Leadership in Athletic Training

ATRN 5362   Study Abroad

ATRN 5452  Therapeutic Interventions


KINE 1219   Conditioning and Fitness

KINE 1222   Racquetball  

KINE 1223   Swimming

KINE 1238   Concepts of Physical Fitness

KINE 1264   Wellness

KINE 1306   First Aid and CPR

KINE 2312   Introduction to Sports Medicine / Athletic Training

KINE 2313   Orthopedic Taping and Bracing

KINE 2319   Medical Terminology

KINE 2320   Anatomical Kinesiology

KINE 2356   Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

KINE 3314   Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation

KINE 3326   Outdoor Adventure

KINE 4305   Capstone in Kinesiology

KINE 4312   Therapeutic Modalities

KINE 4313   Administration in Sports Medicine

KINE 4414   Clinical Experience in Sports Medicine 1

KINE 4415   Clinical Experience in Sports Medicine 2

KINE 4320   Physiology of Exercise

KINE 4380   Kinesiology

KINE 4385   Seminar - Study Abroad

KINE 4682   Internship in Kinesiology

KINE 4686   Problems