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Associate Professor Department of Engineering and Physics

Mike Hibbs, Ph.D.Hibbs at the scope
Room 213A Science Building
[email protected]

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Engineering

Other Responsibilities

  • Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma - Faculty Sponsor
  • Faculty Partner, Bender Hall

Research Interests


    Photometric Discovery and Rapid Response Data Collection of Transient Astronomical Events:
    Near Earth Asteroids, Comets, Novae, and Variable Stars
    Archeoastronomy and the Interaction of Society and Science
    Eclipsing Binaries and Mass Transfer Phenomenon

Physics And Science Education

    Development of Undergraduate Research Program
    Development of improved faculty/student educational and social Environments
    Secondary and Primary School Science Education
    Science Education for the General Public

Engineering and Material Science

    Post Failure Analysis of Structural Components
    Microscopic and Macroscopic Failure Mechanisms of Structural Materials
    Development, Characterization and Design of Structure using Composite Materials