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Computer Science majors can now choose one of the following concentrations:
  • Computer Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Game Development
  • Software Engineering
  • General CS
  For more details, see Tarleton's Computer Science website and the ENCS website!
Free online classes:
  • Udacity: Computer Science, Math, Physics (many of their classes teach and use Python).
  • Coursera: Free online classes from top universities


News from AI and Robotics

EU is leading in Machine Learning regulation: GPRD (General Data Protection Regulation). An in-depth explanation can be found here

Putting AI in perspective: Don't expect "super-AI" to take over the world anytime soon.

AlphaZero continues its winning streak: learns chess in 4 hours, then destroys the leading chess-playing engine, Stockfish, in 100-game match (28 wins, 72 draws)!

AlphaZero learns go in 40 days without human input, and then it beats AlphaGo 100-0! (Oct 2017)

AlphaGo beats the two leading human go champions, Lee Sedol (March 2016) and Je Kie! (May 2017)

Libratus beats four top human poker players at the Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence competition! (Jan 2017)

The four robotics challenges at ICRA 2017

The best robots at CES 2017

Deep Neural Networks make weird mistakes ... and people cannot figure out why (August 2015)

South-Korean "transformer" robot wins DARPA Robotics Challenge! (June 2015)

Great interview with Prof. Michael I. Jordan on the current state, hype and prospects of AI (Oct. 2014)

The computer program Chinook solves the game of checkers by brute-force (2007)

IBM's DeepBlue beats world chess champion Gary Kasparov (1997)

Lenat's Eurisko program wins national Traveller game tournament (1981)

Berliner's backgammon program beats world champion (1980)

Latest news in robotics: IEEE Automaton