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Learning Events

Gain more insight through additional programs offered by the Association for Learning Environments, formerly CEFPI, through the Advanced Academy of Learning Spaces.

Resources are available to assist school leaders on a variety of school facilities topics. Choose from a variety of learning events such as podcasts, interactive lessons, webinars, and publications to gain insight on Sustainable and Healthy Schools, Safety and Security, School Design, and Planning and Finance.

Planning and Finance

Allocating financial resources for school facility improvements is necessary. Taking time to strategically plan for a school facility may help determine appropriate financial decisions. Explore the resources to gain knowledge about strategic planning for educational facilities. Best practice highlighted by experts across the nation, provide lessons to be learned in the school facility planning process.

Safety and Security

Feeling secure from danger may be important to the level of learning students are capable of achieving. The design of a school facility may affect the level of security school leaders can provide to the school community. Find resources here from our nation’s experts about designing safer school facilities.

School Design

The design of a school facility may impact individuals in a school community differently. Find research produced by experts across the nation addressing universally designed school facilities as well as transforming learning environments to focus on being learner-centered.

Sustainable and Healthy Schools

Creating a school environment to effectively serve student and faculty populations over time may be assisted with research. The school environment should promote student and faculty health over time as well. Explore our Sustainable and Healthy School resources to gain knowledge about school building design through renovation or new construction, and resources to improve the healthy environment of your school facility.