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About Us

Who we are

The Texas Center for Educational Facilities (TCEF), formally the Tarleton Research Laboratory on Educational Facilities (TRLEF) was created in 2008 through a partnership between Tarleton State University and a local architectural firm. The goal of TRLEF was to provide evidence-based research to Texas public schools regarding the educational impact of facility design on student learning. In 2010, TRLEF was awarded a grant from the United States Department of Education to develop the national clearinghouse on educational facilities known as The American Clearinghouse on Educational Facilities (ACEF). In 2011, TRLEF was renamed the Texas Center for Educational Facilities (Facilities Center) by the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents. The Facility Center continues to provide information, training, and technical assistance to public schools.

Who we serve

TCEF serves all public schools in the State of Texas. TCEF strives to build a relationship with school leaders in order to empower school communities with research to makes decisions on student safety, health and student academic performance.

What we provide /h2>

Through partnerships with a number of organizations TCEF provide research, training and support to all public schools in the State of Texas.