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Contact Facility Services

Mailing Address:

Box T-0520
Stephenville, TX 76402


Physical Facilites

Physical Facilities


(254) 968-9260 Planning, Design & Construction
(254) 968-9265 Control Center
(254) 968-9267 Maintenance
(254) 968-9267 Custodial
(254) 968-9267 Grounds
(254) 968-9261 Transportation

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Meet the Facility Services Staff

Facility Services
Aaron Wand

Aaron Wand

Director for Facility Services


Office: Physical Facilities, 102

Phone: (254) 968-9065

Heather Olmstead

Heather Olmstead

Office Manager


Office: Physical Facilities, 104

Phone: (254) 968-1732

Adrianna Duncan

Adrianna Duncan

Administrative Assistant


Office: Physical Facilities, 101

Phone: 254-968-9260

Francesca Groppe

Francesca Groppe

Human Resources


Office: Physical Facilities, 128

Phone: 254-968-9254