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Tarleton Industrial Development Certificate Program

The Tarleton Industrial Development and Education Initiative (TIDE) Certificate program provide employer/employee training as well as consulting service to regional manufacturing companies. The TIDE certificate training programs are available online and or in face-to-face learning environments. Participants who successfully complete all requirements of the program will be awarded a certificate.

Each certificate program includes 4 require subject matter courses:

  1. Orientation for Six Sigma,
  2. Industrial Safety Management,
  3. Ergonomics and Work Methods and
  4. Project Management.

The Certificate program(s) begins Monday, January 11.

Contact Continuing Education to explore how TIDE can support your organization.

Six Sigma Certificate

Statistics for Quality, Quality Management, Six Sigma and Project Management.

Pre-requisite: Need to have completed a Bachelor of Science in Engineering or Technology Industry with 1-3 years of industrial experience.

Project Management Certificate

Engineering Economy, Project Management, Quality Management and Manufacturing Systems Management.

No pre-requisite.

Industrial Safety and Ergonomics Management Certificate

Industrial Safety, Product and Consumer Safety, Occupational Safety and Health, Ergonomics and Work Methods.

No pre-requisite.