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Instructor Resources for Extended Education Course Creation

Do you have expertise in a particular subject? Have you taught classes before? Do you want to give back to your community? We are looking to expand course offerings in Stephenville, Fort Worth, Waco and Midlothian. Please read the instructions for submitting a course proposal, complete and submit the Course Proposal Form, the W-9 form, and the request for compensation form. Once all forms have been received you will be contacted by continuing education staff, informing of proposal acceptance and schedules.

Instructions to Get Started

Determine the course need and develop a course description using ideas for designing and evaluating Extended Education (CE) courses:

  1. Complete the Extended Education Course Proposal Form
  2. Complete the require W-9 Form
  3. Complete the require Request for Compensation Form

For assistance with creating an Extended Education Activity, questions or information on processes and timelines, please contact the Extension Education office at  

How did we do?

Let us know how well the process worked for creating and delivering your course as well as how helpful we were in assisting you by filling out our Instructor Feedback Survey.