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Join the Effective Schools Project Now

Annual Fee

$600 per campus

Event Participation

Three people from each campus may attend professional development events.

All schools in the Tarleton State University service area are invited to participate. Participation is entirely voluntary.

By joining ESP you will be joining a community of educators who are all working to achieve a mutually shared goal: to become a better school tomorrow than we were yesterday. Join ESP and be a part of the excitement!

Membership Benefits

You will gain exposure to some of the best ideas in education, and you can adapt these ideas to your particular school setting. You will join a support network of educators who learn from each other and share ideas with one another.

ESP creates energy among its participants. The professional collegiality experienced by members of the ESP family of schools greatly contributes to the motivation of educators to provide a rich learning environment and a high quality of educational experience for students.

To maximize your school’s benefit from participating in ESP, we recommend that each campus do the following:

  • Develop a campus improvement plan
  • Appoint a Campus Leadership Team to attend ESP professional development workshops and seminars
  • Provide opportunities for the Leadership Team to share what they have learned with the rest of the faculty
  • Apply what has been learned to campus improvement goals
  • Conduct regular assessment of progress in relation to campus goals
  • Refine the learning environment and instructional practices through on-going professional development