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Effective Schools Project

Our Principles

What we believe:

  • Everyone will learn.
  • Schools control conditions for success.
  • Best practices guide decision making.
  • Collaboration creates ownership.
  • Shared vision directs improvement.
  • Improvement continues and continues.

Initiated in 1988 by Dr. Jim Boyd, Tarleton State University's Effective Schools Project (ESP) has evolved into one of the nation's largest and longest-running school-improvement ventures. With the Effective Schools research as its foundation, ESP is a school improvement network linking the Tarleton faculty with campus leadership teams from over fifty Texas schools in an ongoing effort to enhance school effectiveness. Since its inception, ESP has partnered with 216 different public schools, campuses and Education Service Centers to provide comprehensive professional development opportunities for educators.

The Effective Schools Project (ESP) at Tarleton State University is dedicated to the goals of improving school effectiveness, raising the achievement level of public school students and improving the professional development of pre-service and in-service educators. ESP seeks to unite the efforts of public school educators and university faculty in striving for continuous improvement.