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Effective May 24, 2020, the wait period to retest any TExES exam has decreased from 45 days to 30 days.

Educator Testing Transition. The Texas Educator Certification Examination Program has transitioned to a new vendor, Pearson VUE, effective September 1, 2018 for the TExES exams. Registration details are now available along with many additional helpful links and information thoroughly explaining testing processes and procedures with this new company. Information concerning the vendor change can be found at this location.  A PDF file that includes instructions to set up a testing account with Pearson VUE and how to Register for and Schedule an exam can be located by clicking this link.

Changes to the 5 attempt limit have now taken effect. View more about the changes effecting retakes for any educator certification examination.

Effective Fall 2019, TExES Testing Requirements Prior to Clinical Teaching Policy for Traditional Undergraduate Teacher Education Candidates will change. Additional changes will also be taking effect Spring 2021. View the amended prerequisites for the TExES exam.

Interdisciplinary Studies students with concentrations in EC-6 and 4-8 Core Subjects, 4-8 English, Language Arts and Reading, or 4-8 English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies will be required to take and pass the new Science of Teaching Reading (Exam #293) if being recommended for teacher certification after 12/31/2020. It will be necessary for all program completers to apply for certification early enough to meet the recommendation deadline. An informational brochure for candidates clinical teaching Fall 2020, and for those effected prior completers can be found by clicking here.

Certification Testing Overview

Prior to testing and before you can make application to the Teacher Education Program, students need to set up a login account with TEA (Texas Education Agency). The complete instructions for creating an account can be found on the TEA website by clicking here. It is important that you complete all steps to set up your account, including providing gender and ethnicity information. Until you have provided that information, your account is not considered complete. Record your assigned TEA ID# in a safe place as you will need to provide it several times along the way throughout the duration of the program.

All candidates must meet testing prerequisites prior to registering for TExES exams. Once you have completed all requirements for certification (including exams listed below), you will need to apply for your certificate online through the Texas Education Agency (TEA). If you are already a certified teacher, you may add new content/teaching field areas to your existing teaching credential through a method called Certification by Examination.

Initial Teacher Education Program Certification Testing Presentation

To learn basic information about required teacher certification examinations, please view the following PowerPoint presentation. This will also be part of  your Professional Development I requirements. The presentation is best viewed on a PC in slide show mode (press F5). Staff from Educator Preparation Services will visit EDUC 3320/3321 classes to introduce ourselves and answer any initial questions students may have concerning the application and testing process. The complete testing handout for Fall 2020 Block II and Spring 2021 clinical teacher candidates can be found by clicking here. Testing information is constantly subject to change and candidates must be responsible for keeping abreast of all changes due to delaying clinical teaching for any reason.

Required TExES Exams by Certification Area

Most of the TExES exams are offered continuously via computer-administered testing (CAT) while a few select exams (BTLPT-Spanish, LOTE-Spanish and 7-12 ELAR) are only offered during specific test date windows (Limited-Administration CAT). Candidates being recommended for EC-6 certification after December 2020 will also be required to take and pass the new Science of Teaching Reading exam to be eligible for their teaching certificate. New exams for all classroom certification areas are being developed and as they are implemented they will increase in cost from $120.00 to $140.00 each. New exams will include both multiple choice and constructed response questions which will require an increase in time to grade for score posting.

Traditional Teacher Education Program
Certificate Content Exam (Exam Number) PPR Exam (Exam Number) Supplemental Exam (Exam Number)
EC-6 Core Subjects w/ESL EC-6 Core Subjects #291 (New #391 coming) EC-12 PPR #160 ESL Supplemental #160 & Fall 2020 - Science of Teaching Reading #293 ($140.00)
EC-6 Core Subjects w/SPEC ED & ESL EC-6 Core Subjects #291 (New #391 coming) EC-12 PPR #160 EC-12 Special Education #161 & ESL Supplemental #154 & Fall 2020 - Science of Teaching Reading #293 ($140.00)
EC-6 Core Subjects w/Bilingual EC-6 Core Subjects #291 (New #391 coming) EC-12 PPR #160 Bilingual Supplemental #164 & BTLPT #190 & Fall 2020 - Science of Teaching Reading #293 ($140.00)
4-8 Core Subjects w/ESL 4-8 Core Subjects #211 EC-12 PPR #160 ESL Supplemental #154 - Science of Teaching Reading #293 ($140.00)
4-8 Content Areas w/ESL 4-8 Content Exam1 EC-12 PPR #160 ESL Supplemental #154 - Science of Teaching Reading #293 ($140.00) for ELAR and ELAR/SS
6-12, 7-12 & 8-12 Content Areas 6-12, 7-12 & 8-12 Content Exam1 EC-12 PPR #160 N/A
EC-12 (All-level) Content Areas EC-12 Content Exam1 EC-12 PPR (160) N/A

Graduate/Professional Programs
Certificate TExES Exam (Exam Number)
Principal Principal TExES #268 PAIL - $200.00, and #368 PASL - $400.00
Superintendent Superintendent TExES #195
School Counselor School Counselor TExES #152 (A new exam - #252 - is coming in 2021 and will increase in cost from $120.00 to $200.00)
Educational Diagnostician Educational Diagnostician TExES #153 (a new exam -#253 - is coming 9/8/20 and will increase in cost from $120.00 to $200.00)
Reading Specialist Reading Specialist TExES #151


Paper-based TExES exams are no longer being offered.

Certification by Examination

The State of Texas makes available to teachers who have been awarded their initial standard certification the option of adding new content/teaching field areas to their existing teaching credential through a method called Certification by Examination. Although many currently certified teachers prefer to have formal preparation prior to attempting a TExES exam in another content area, the State will allow individuals to challenge the content area TExES exams without any formal preparation. Tarleton does not approve candidates to take any content exam(s) other than those related to the certification field under which they were admitted to the Teacher Education Program. 

Adding a non-professional level certification in this way does not require approval from an educator preparation program since the program did not prepare the individual for the content area being added. If you have an initial standard certificate and would like to add another certification by exam only, you can register online at the Pearson VUE website and do not need to gain approval through Tarleton to do so. Those wishing to add additional content certifications will register for exams directly through the testing company and once passed, will be required to apply to TEA to have the content area added to their teaching certificate. 

Note: Professional certificates cannot be added by simply taking an exam. Professional certificates require preparation through an approved program. Professional certificates include Educational Diagnostician, Principal, Reading Specialist, School Counselor, and Superintendent.