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Teacher Education Program (TEP) Updates

Please check this page often to check for updates to admission requirements, curriculum, course sequencing, course prerequisites, registration requirements, or other announcements.

COMM Requirement Change

Beginning on June 1, 2020, having a B or Better in COMM 1311, 1315, or 2302 will no longer be required for admission into the Teacher Education Program. Students who applied for Spring 2020 admission must still meet this requirement.

Registration Errors

Requirement temporarily suspended. Students should watch their emails for additional instructions from the Coordinator of Field Experiences.

Students attempting to register for EDUC 3320, EDUC 3321 or EDSP 2301 at the Stephenville campus may receive an ATTRIBUTE code error stating the following: "This section is restricted to a specific student population, please see an advisor if you believe you should be able to register for this section."  Before registering for any of these classes, we must have background consent forms and a copy of your driver's license. Please complete the following Criminal History Background Check Consent forms and bring them, along with a copy of your driver's license, to MATH 101. Once submitted, you will be given the attribute code that will allow you to register for these classes.

New Education / Block Courses

 Changes for Secondary and All-Level certification students: (starts Fall 2018)

Block I - EDUC 3321 

Block II - EDSP 4361 (previously EDUC 3330)

Block III - EDUC 4331 (previously EDUC 4330)

Clinical Teaching - EDUC 4335 and EDUC 4690 

Changes for Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary) students:

EC-6 and Special Education 

Those taking EDUC 3320 Fall 2019 or later will be on the new curriculum. Please consult your department for course sequencing.

4-8 Content Certs:

Block I - EDUC 3321 

Block II - EDSP 4361 

Block III- EDUC 4331

Those taking EDUC 3320/3321 Fall 2019 or later will be on the new curriculum. Please consult your department for course sequencing.

Admission Testing Requirements

The THEA, Accuplacer, Asset, or Compass are no longer require for admission into the Teacher Education Program for all students. Instead, students may only be TSI complete. Departments may choose to require additional testing requirements as part of their departmental screening. Please check with your advisor for screening requirements.

Required Admission GPA and Last 60 Hours GPA

Beginning January 11, 2016, an "admission GPA" of 2.75 will also be required.

The admission GPA is calculated first by using the overall GPA on the applicant’s transcript at the end of the application semester. If the overall GPA is lower than a 2.75, it will be recalculated based on the applicant’s last 60 hours of coursework. 

When calculating the Last 60 Hours GPA, full semesters must be used; therefore, the total hours may be in excess of 60. 

Either method of GPA calculation must meet the minimum 2.75 requirement for admission eligibility without exception. Use these helpful GPA calculators and instructions to assist you in determining if you meet the requirement.

English Requirement for Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Beginning Fall 2016, the English requirement for admission to the Teacher Education Program will be reduced to 9 hours of English with a C or better.

Please note that this change applies only to admission into the Teacher Education Program. Students will still be required to complete all degree requirements for their major which may still require 12 hours or more of English.

Official Channel for University Communications

The official channel for University communication is a student's email account. Students should expect all correspondence to be conducted through this method.