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Professional Development / Education Course Sequence

Approximately 4 long semesters prior to graduation

Block I - 60 Earned Hours/Junior Status Required

  • PSYC 3303 or 2308 or CHFS 3300 (required for admission to TEP)
  • EC-6 and SPED w/ EC-6 students take EDUC 3320. Foundations of Teaching: Elementary (EC-6) Classrooms
  • 4-8 Content and Secondary/All-Level students take EDUC 3321. Foundations of Teaching: Middle and Secondary Classroom
  • Application to Teacher Education Program completed

Block II – Admission to TEP Required

  • Elementary students take EDUC 3330. Models of Instruction (changes coming Spring 2020)
  • 4-8 Content and Secondary/All-Level students take EDSP 4361. Teaching Strategies for Adolescent Students with Learning Disabilities
  • Application to Clinical Teaching completed

Block III – Semester Prior to Clinical Teaching (must have placement)

  • Elementary students take corresponding Block classes (changes coming Fall 2020)
  • 4-8 Content and Secondary/All-Level students take EDUC 4331. Instructional Strategies for Middle and Secondary Classrooms

(If AGSD major, please consult the department for courses and requirements)

Clinical Teaching only (must meet all prerequisites and testing policies)