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TEA Notifications

Educator Testing Transition

The Texas Educator Certification Examination Program has transitioned from ETS to Pearson effective September 1, 2018. Information concerning this change can be found at this location. If you previously had a testing account with ETS, it will be necessary to set up a new testing account with Pearson Vue before you can register to take any exams.


Changes to Principal Exam #068

Extensive changes are coming to the Principal Certification Examination. See TEA & Program Updates for additional information by clicking this link.

Changes to the 5 Attempt Limit Set to Take Effect

Current Texas Education Code §21.048 limits candidates to four (4) attempts to retake any educator certification examination. This means that candidates are limited to a total of five attempts for any one given exam. The five attempts include the first initial attempt to pass the examination and four retakes. A subsection of the law, which currently counts all attempts of the same examination taken before September 1, 2015 as only one attempt, is set to expire. Beginning September 1, 2018, ALL attempts of the same examination will count toward the five attempt testing limit regardless of when the examination was first attempted.

Candidate who did not test prior to 09/01/2015 will not be impacted by the changes. All attempts for these candidates have always been included in the overall attempt count

Current Principal Exam #068 Set to Expire

The last time first attempt testers can take the current retiring Principal Certification exam (TExES Exam #068) is December 31, 2018. Candidates seeking Principal Certification using the retired exam must have completed all program requirements (coursework and practicum) by August 31, 2019 and will need to apply for and be program recommended for certification by no later than October 30, 2019 for the exam to remain valid. Program completers will need to allow enough time for program recommendation and should not wait until the final date to begin the process. 

Any first time Principal Certification exam candidates after 12/31/18 will be required to take the new replacement exam (#268) and must have completed all program requirements (coursework and practicum) by August 31, 2019 and apply for certification and be recommended by 10/31/2019 in order to use that exam.

Any candidates who do not meet the conditions above will be required to take and pass both the #268 exam and the PASL. Contact the Principal Certification Program Coordinator for more information concerning the new requirements.


Program Notifications

Candidates who have not taken and passed certification exams and/or applied for certification within a timely manner of program completion run the risk of losing passed exams and certification ability due to unpredictable changes in state law and rules. Candidates may be required to repeat or complete additional coursework, pass practice exams and/or engage the services of an outside test preparation program, especially if the State replaces an expired exam with a new replacement exam, and/or changes certification standards. 

It is the responsibility of candidates who have not completed certification requirements at the time of program completion to stay abreast and informed of any testing and certification changes that are implemented at the state level by reviewing the TEA and EPS websites.