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GPA Calculators

The admission GPA is calculated first by using the overall GPA on the applicant’s transcript at the end of the application semester. If the overall GPA is lower than a 2.75, it will be recalculated based on the applicant’s last 60 hours of coursework. When calculating the Last 60 Hours GPA, full semesters must be used; therefore, the total hours may be in excess of 60. Either method of GPA calculation must meet the minimum 2.75 requirement for admission eligibility without exception.

Instructions and Examples of the Last 60 Hours Calculator

Overall GPA

Use your transcript from myGateway. At the end, under "Transcript Totals", plug in the GPA hours and Quality Points from the Overall line. List any courses you are currently taking under "Courses not showing". Enter in the number of hours and the letter grade you received or expect to receive to get an updated Overall GPA.

Last 60 Hours GPA 

If you are currently enrolled in coursework, enter those first under 'Courses not showing'. Make sure to enter in the hours and a pretend grade.

In the main section, start with the most current coursework. Transfer work and Tarleton work must be counted. Class History from DegreeWorks will show combined university semesters for you. Enter in the Semester. For GPA hours, use the hours beside Term Graded Attempted from Class History or GPA hours from your unofficial transcript. For Quality Points use the number beside Term Quality Points from Class History or the number under Quality Points from your unofficial transcript. 

Make sure the Term GPA matches. Enter in enough semesters so that they, plus what you are currently enrolled in, total at least 60 hours. You must use full semesters.

Once your hours at the bottom are above 60, you do not need to add any more semesters. You can see what your GPA will be for your last 60 hours with the pretend grades you have plugged in. Play around with them to see how it changes your GPA.

Please send an email to Program Specialist, Allison Andrews, if you have any trouble with the GPA calculators or certification plans.