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Field Supervisor

The Field Supervisor's Role

Clinical teaching is a shared responsibility of the university and the public school. The field supervisor's role is one of instruction, supervision, and maintenance of university-school relations.

Field Supervisor Responsibilities

Specifically, it is your duty as a Tarleton State University supervisor to:

  1. Act as a liaison person between the school campus and the university.
  2. Attend and participate in an orientation meeting for all clinical teachers, working specifically with your clinical teachers.
  3. Meet with each assigned cooperating teacher to discuss his/her role before or during the first week of clinical teaching. (Howdy Visit)
  4. Observe each clinical teacher, in a classroom setting, at least 4 times and provide the clinical teacher, cooperating teacher, and principal with an electronic account of the observation within 24 hours (clinical teacher) and 1 week (mentor and principal).
  5. Conduct an individual feedback session for each observation made and provide the clinical teacher, cooperating teacher, and principal with a written summary of the results within 24 hours (clinical teacher) and 1 week (mentor and principal).
  6. Conduct, with the mentor teachers, a final written evaluation of clinical teachers.
  7. Counsel and assist any individual clinical teacher with any problems that may arise in his or her clinical teaching assignment.
  8. Evaluate the clinical teacher's lessons and lesson plans as needed.
  9. Be available to the principal and mentor teachers for conferences.
  10. Make recommendations concerning clinical teachers regarding withdrawal or re-assignment to the Coordinator of Field Experiences.
  11. Provide on-going training of the clinical teacher through conferences and feedback throughout the semester. The Department of Curriculum & Instruction and the College of Education and Human Development provide additional seminars and professional development opportunities for field supervision and clinical teachers.
  12. Assign the clinical teacher a grade (credit/no credit) for the clinical class.
  13. Emphasize the importance of ethical and professional conduct on the part of the clinical teacher.
  14. Emphasize to the clinical teacher the importance of handling certain problems and school situations with strictest confidence.
  15. Ensure that the clinical teacher understands clearly and carries out effectively his/her part of the clinical teaching program.
  16. Furnish the mentor teachers' copies of materials, forms, etc., which are given to the clinical teacher so that they will be familiar with regulations, requirements, and policies affecting the clinical teachers. Furnish copies to principal or district as needed.
  17. Encourage public school personnel to make suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of the clinical teaching program.
  18. Clinical teacher feedback summary reports should be turned in daily and visitation/travel reports should be turned in monthly or after the completion of each round of supervision to the Office of Field Experiences.