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Steps for Successfully Securing Securing Block I & II Field Experiences


Forms may contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII), so you must either hand-deliver or fax -- do not send electronically. 

Once placements are finalized no changes will be made except by the EPS Office.

Tarleton State University is fortunate to be surrounded by many exceptional school districts that welcome our pre-service clinical teachers. Within your field experiences, you will find abundant opportunities to utilize what you learned in your university classes with students and teachers in the public schools. Several districts have established procedures for securing pre-service clinical teacher placements.

If the district where you would like to do your field experience is not listed, please consider the following recommended steps for securing your field experience placement.

  • Go to the Central Administration Office, introduce yourself and request permission to do field experience in the district;
  • Have your request for placement, days of the week and times that you are available to do field experiences, and the Criminal History Background Check completed before you arrive at the Central Office;
  • Provide a letter from your instructor explaining the desired field experience outcomes;
  • Be dressed professionally.

The Central Office will then take all of your paperwork and notify you of your placement at a later date, or send you directly to a campus principal for further conversation. All districts have different procedures, however, you will always be following protocol by beginning your request for placement at the Central Office of a particular school district.