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Apply for Educator Certification

Typical Certification Process

  1. Student applies and pays online with TEA and submits fingerprints, if require
  2. Student receives system-generated email acknowledging application
  3. Entity recommends student for certification once all requirements are met
  4. Student receives system-generated email stating they have been recommended
  5. TEA runs criminal background check on student
  6. Applicant is certified if check is clear

Once you have completed all requirements for a certification, you must apply online through TEAL, which is the new TEA Login. You will use this login to view your current certificate and apply for new certificates.

If you area a new user, please follow the instructions to set up your TEAL account for the first time.

If you are having an issue accessing your account, please go to the TEA Help Desk and click "Submit a Request."

Teacher Service records are require for the all professional certifications except for Superintendent.

They must have an authorized signature and show at least 2 years of classroom teaching. Please have your ISD fax the records to Allison Andrews at 254-968-9801.

Fees for Certification

Fees for certifications are due at the time of application

  • Intern, Probationary, or Standard Certificate: $78.00
  • Fingerprint National Criminal Background Check: $40.25
  • Fingerprint Scanning Fee (Payable to vendor): $10.00

Classroom Teacher Certificates

Professional Certificates

Renew a Standard Certificate

If you hold a standard teaching certificate in Texas you must renew it every five years.