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As a capstone class prior to graduation, students in IT 495 work with a faculty advisor and one of our corporate community partners to solve "real life" manufacturing problems using the problem solving skills and knowledge they have gained from their studies.

These are the Senior Class Projects from IT-495 Spring 2019 under Professor Mollick. We appreciate the cooperation of our corporate community partners: Appleton Electric Inc., Fibergrate Composite Structures, L3 Communications, and St. Gobain Abrasives, and would like to thank them for allowing us to show what an ET student can do.

Faculty Advisor Company Project
Mr. Tom Smith Appleton Electric Inc. Mineral Insulation Testing
Mr. Tom Smith Fibergrate Composite Structures Clip Drilling Machine
Dr. Tommy Barker Fibergrate Composite Structures Pultrusion Heater Cover
Dr. George Mollick Fibergrate Composite Structures Stair Tread Trimmer
Mr. C.B. Pippin L3 Communications Flight Line Modernization
Dr. George Mollick St. Gobain Abrasives Waste Reduction Machine
Faculty Advisor Company Project
  S-TEC Time Studies
  S-TEC Value Stream
Dr. George Mollick Fibergrate Mineral Handling Material Handling
Dr. George Mollick Appleton Electric/EGS Design High Volume Production Line
Dr. Tommy Barker Appleton Electric/EGS 5-s Streaming Production
Mr. C.B. Pippin FMC Technologies, Inc. Lamp Retrofit Lamp Retrofit
Mr. Tom Smith Fibergrate Wash Center
Mr. Richard Willey Appleton Electric/EGS Loading of Materials Handling
Mr. Richard Willey Saint-Gobain Dust Elimination

Tarleton State University uses Simio Simulation Software under a grant from Simio LLC.