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Manufacturing Engineering Technology

The mission of the Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET) Program is to provide high quality technical and academic preparation for future engineering technologists.  Our primary goal is to graduate engineering technologists who are technically equipped and highly motivated to successfully compete in the workplace.   We are focused on the applications of computers to solving manufacturing problems.

Engineering technology is a part of the technological field which requires the application of scientific and engineering knowledge and methods combined with technical skills in support of engineering activities; it lies in the occupational spectrum between the craftsman and the engineer at the end of the spectrum closest to the engineer.

Most of the MET courses will be very applications oriented with laboratory requirements that integrate the computer across all areas of manufacturing.   The program includes a rigorous commitment to courses in Chemistry, Physics, Calculus I & II, and Statistics.  Students may choose from numerous computer, technical, math, pre-engineering, and business courses to round out their educational experience.

The MET graduates of Tarleton will find themselves educated in the tools, techniques, and knowledge to solve a wide range of manufacturing problems.  Perhaps most important, they will have developed an attitude and a knowledge of how to continuously improve every aspect of the manufacturing facility.  This knowledge will be reinforced with every MET course taken.   To better prepare for the manufacturing workplace, students will work on numerous “real world” manufacturing projects, often in teams.  A capstone course will bring together all the learned concepts, applying them to solutions of actual manufacturing problems.  Numerous oral and written presentations will aid the student in becoming more comfortable and proficient in their communication skills.

With the rigors associated with the MET degree come the rewards.  The qualified engineering technologist is highly sought by manufacturers and is highly rewarded monetarily. MET graduates from Tarleton are in a favorable geographical location to take advantage of this explosive growth in high technology jobs, being situated near the I 35 industrial corridor that runs from Austin to the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex.  Typical job placements include engineering and technology opportunities in quality, production, ergonomics, manufacturing, supervision, project management, and technical sales.  These entry level positions often lead to further opportunities in management. Check out what Kristy is doing with her degree.

According to the Texas Department of Economic Development (Business and Industry Data Center), of the 21,000 manufacturers in the state, there are almost 5,000 manufacturers in the Metroplex area alone.  About 1.1 million Texas workers are employed in manufacturing.  During the 1990’s, Texas has created more manufacturing jobs than any other state

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Manufacturing Topics

Students in the MET Program can expect to be educated in a wide range of manufacturing related topics such as:

  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Computer Simulation
  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Production Planning & Management
  • Computer Controlled Machining
  • Quality Management
  • Ergonomics
  • Industrial Controls
  • Materials & Processes