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B.S. in Construction Science and Management

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management is designed to provide graduates with knowledge and skills that are valued by commercial, residential, industrial, and heavy civil sectors of the construction industry. Construction graduates will gain knowledge of construction materials and methods, structural systems, soils, site development, surveying, contract administration, codes, plans and specifications, planning, estimating, scheduling, and evaluating project performance. Students graduating with the B.S. in Construction Science and Management will find themselves with the skills and knowledge to compete in a regional, national, and international job market.

Designed with you in mind.

The diverse set of skills that are needed in construction and the higher pay opportunities that exist within the field and related industries, draw workers with an amplitude of educational backgrounds and experiences. One of the goals of the construction science program is to provide a course of study that can accept this wide range of backgrounds and experiences that then provide a rich education to graduates who enter the construction field in either a technical or management capacity.

Program Objectives

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to:

  • Have the capacity to manage complex construction projects including the bidding, contracting, and implementation phase,
  • Be analytically and technically competent in the tools and processes required in the construction field to perform design and engineering analysis,
  • Communicate effectively in a professional environment,
  • Continue growth in professional knowledge, and
  • Achieve recognition and/or compensation consistent with their educational achievements.

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Hands-on Program

From computer-aided design, materials testing, steel, and concrete construction all the way to design and installation of mechanical and electrical systems in a building, our program provides a variation of hands-on experiences. Our construction program not only gives you the credentials to start your career, but you also acquire a set of real-world skills and the knowledge to advance through your career.

Applied Engineering Program

The construction science and management program focuses on hands-on learning with experienced faculty that have work experience in the field. In addition,

  • 60% of the program is spent in lab courses that are focused on project-based learning,
  • Every student will complete a capstone project defined and completed by local construction companies, and
  • Opportunities for internships and summer employment is available to earn more experience.

Active Career for Active People

The need for construction managers that work on-site to make daily decisions will grow as overall construction activity expands in the US and worldwide. Population and business growth will result in the construction of many new residences, office buildings, retail outlets, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and other structures over the coming decade. Also, the need to improve portions of the national infrastructure will spur employment growth for creation of roads and bridges. Successful construction managers and field engineers will be actively engaged to make sure these complex projects get done on time and on schedule.

Hands-on Learning

Const worker

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