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Sample Documents

Students submitted the documents below in response to course requirements. These documents are formatted in Portable Document Format (pdf). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

If you need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™, you can download it at: Adobe. We have used Adobe PDF files to provide you with document samples, documentation, and other useful handouts for our technical writing courses.

Technical Writing Award Winners

  • Study Abroad: A Recommendation Report, Kim Fehlis (2007)
  • Math Anxiety, James Oxford and Tyson Verdick (2006)


  • Tarleton Small Business Association, Linda Woodward
  • NTASA, Jaime Smithwick
  • AITP, Darren Ray
  • Texan Stars Dance Team, Caris Briggs

Empirical Research Reports

  • Faculty Incentives in Support of Online Education, Natalie and Kevin Thomas
  • What You Need to Know About Online Commerce: A Research Report, Brian Stone
  • Children and the Internet, Kerri Meador
  • Community Policing Through the Internet, Betty Allen
  • Investigations in Courseware, Gallup, Green, and Jackson
  • Evaluation of Color Laser Printers, Pluff, Champeau, Janszen, Clark

Feasibility Reports

  • A Feasibility Report Comparing Two Universities, Brittany McMillan
  • Alternative Water Sources: A Feasibility Report, Amanda Koch

Formal Proposals

  • A Proposal to Automate Log-in at the Fitness Center, Francisco Saucedo

Informal Project Proposals (memo format)

  • Proposal for Semester Project, Steve O'Bryan
  • Collaborative Project Proposal, Natalie and Kevin Thomas
  • Components Training Module: A Recommendation Report, Appendix A, Terri Ellis
  • Alternative Water Sources: A Feasibility Report, Appendix A, Amanda Koch
  • Collaborative Project Proposal, Green, Gallup, and Jackson


  • Delivery Ticket Printing, Rowdy Atkins (Software Documentation)
  • A Beginner's Guide to Canning, Lisa Jones (How-To)

Job Application Documents

  • Sample Set One
  • Sample Set Two

Memo Reports

  • Website Report, Francisco Saucedo
  • Website Evaluation, Amanda Koch
  • Progress Report, Steve O'Bryan
  • Interview Reports, Kenda Moon, Rebecca Rosser


  • Aussie Tales, Jaime Smithwick
  • Horse Sense, Alycia Rosewicz
  • Cast and Blast, Drew Cranford

Recommendation Reports

  • Sudan Vs. Costal: A Money-Centered Evaluation, Wade Mayfield
  • I Can't Believe It's Yogurt in the Subway/Texaco: A Recommendation Report, Tami Ingram
  • Components Training Module: A Recommendation Report, Terri Ellis

Student Logon Procedures for Classrooms and Labs


Planning Guides

Rich Text Format Files

Rich Text Format Files (Word 2007)