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Graduate Letter

Dear Current, New, and Prospective English Graduate Students,

The Graduate Faculty in English look forward to working with students who are highly motivated, intellectually alive, and committed to their subject and profession. Whether you are already teaching in the public schools or just recently graduated with your B.A., we promise to encourage and challenge you to rise to the next level of understanding and competence in our shared discipline.

Our Master’s courses in English can be obtained in a number of ways: on-line, face to face, and in hybrid environments. All these venues offer you the opportunity to pursue your dreams in ways that fit your present life needs. Our PEEPs component (which is non-thesis, open to any student accepted into our program, and can be done completely online) is especially geared for students already teaching high school who wish to teach dual credit and AP courses to high school students or in a community college setting. Those students wishing to write a Master’s thesis will find a faculty with a wide range of expertise and research interests to mesh with your desired topic of inquiry. Whatever avenue you chose to pursue your graduate work with us, we will provide comprehensive and rigorous classes that will stimulate your intellectual interests and provide you with solid background for your career goals.

Please feel free to direct any questions you have concerning our program and your needs to Dr. Cynthia McPherson, new Director of the Graduate Program, at Such concerns may include how to apply for a Graduate Assistantship (GA) and later a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA), how to secure an advisor, how to form a thesis committee, how to form a comprehensive exam committee, and future job placement strategies. Students wishing to apply for admission must fulfill both the Graduate College’s requirements and the English Department’s; consult the current Tarleton catalogue and feel free to ask for any clarification she can provide.

Most sincerely,

The English Program's Graduate Faculty