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State Agency Energy Savings Program

Governor Executive Order RP 49

Each state agency shall develop a plan for conserving energy and shall set a percentage goal for reducing the usage of electricity, gasoline and natural gas.

Tarleton Goals for 2017

  • Energy Usage - MMBTU / NASF - Reduction of 2.0% (As compared to 2016)
  • Gasoline Fleet Fuel Usage - GALLONS - Increase of 2.0% in MPG(As compared to 2016)

How you can help!

Conserving Tarleton's resources is everyone's responsibility. Recommendations for conserving resources:

  1. Turn off lights in offices and classrooms when not in use.
  2. Turn off computer monitor when leaving the office or classroom, and turn off computers, monitors, and printers overnight and on weekends.
  3. Turn off copy machines overnight and on weekends.
  4. Report any parking lot or other outside lights that are on during daylight hours to the Control Center at ext. # 9265.
  5. Use stairs when possible, rather than elevators.
  6. Limit the use of office lights to those needed for work, and not for looks.
  7. Limit the use of refrigerators in offices and allow areas to share refrigerators.
  8. Report dripping and leaking faucets, showers, urinals or toilets to the Control Center at ext. # 9265.

Energy Reductions