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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs- Students

New Student Meeting
Working with Instructors
How do I obtain housing accommodations, including approval to bring my emotional support animal (ESA) to campus?
What constitutes a disability?
What does substantially limiting mean?
What is a major life activity?
What are academic accommodations?
If I am a student with a disability, will Disability Resources and Testing seek me out to provide services like my counselors did in high school?
Does the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) apply to Higher Education?
How do the responsibilities of working with students with disabilities of Higher Education institutions differ from those of high schools?
What should I do if I suspect I have a disability and want to receive accommodations?
What role do my parents play in the process?
I am a student that receives testing accommodations and cannot sign in to RegisterBlast
What are the responsibilities of a student with a disability if they would like to receive accommodations?
What is the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Higher Education of 1990?
What is considered acceptable documentation of a disability?
Does a student have to inform Tarleton State University that they have a disability?
I received special education (IDEA) or 504 services in high school, how are these services different in college?
I suspect I have a learning disability, can Disability Resources and Testing conduct the assessment to provide a diagnosis?
What are some other resources available to all students at TSU?

FAQs- Instructors

What are the rights and responsibilities of an instructor when working with students with disabilities?
Why does an instructor have the responsibility to make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities?
If an instructor feels that a particular student may have a substantially limiting disability, to where should they refer the student?
What if a student with a disability is disruptive in class?
What if a student with a disability is failing?

FAQs- Parents or Guardians

Can I request accommodations for my child?
Can I speak with my child Disability Resources Coordinator in regards to their situation?
Since the student is now in charge of their educational planning, what are some self-advocacy skills they should develop?