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Study Abroad - Summer 2016

The Tarleton Digital Media area is pleased to announce two study abroad programs in the Summer of 2016. This class is open to all majors and can count towards your degree.  

Digital Media is offering a studio class in photography while spending 18 days in Iceland.  Professor Knut Hybinette will be taking a group of students on a tour throughout the country, on foot, on bus, and perhaps snow mobile.  Students will get a chance to photograph ancient glaciers, quaint villages, and the northern lights.  Tuition includes all lodging, transportation, and meals.  

 If you are interested in an Art History credit (which can count towards your general education requirement) then consider traveling with Professor Megan Ehrhart for a 4 week session in Urbino, Italy.  Come study the masters while actually seeing the works in person!  Immerse yourself in modern Italian life, language, and culture in a Medieval/Renaissance setting.  

To apply, go to the study abroad website and select "Programs," then the link for "Fine Arts."  Both the program application and International Education Fee Scholarship application are available there.  You do not need to have a passport at this time to apply for the program, but you will need to obtain one (if you do not already have one) prior to departing.  

For more info, contact Professor Knut Hybinette at (Iceland) or Megan Ehrhart (Italy)  


Chris Ireland, Assistant Professor of Art/Digital Media