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BOLD Women

What is bold?

The Bold group is designed to explore, foster, and examine women’s empowerment and leadership for our Tarleton undergraduate women. Each year, the members strive to contribute to our campus and our community while building leadership skills. Members of this group are individually selected to enter into this program.

Diversity Mentoring Programs Advisory Board Members

The Advisory Board members include: Dr. Marilyn Robitaille, Ms. Nathalie Jones, Ms. Destiney Tolbert, Mr. Reggie Hall, Dr. Edward Randle, Dr. Rusty Freed, Ms. Lathes Towns, Dr. Brenda Faulkner, and Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason.

What does Bold do?

The women of this group participate in mentoring programs and outreach programs within the community. They also attend weekly meetings, mentoring sessions and explore concepts to develop professionalism and leadership. In addition, the women of Bold frequently have opportunities to hear from speakers and presenters at various conferences about women, leadership, and diversity.

To see more images featuring the ladies of Bold and other Diversity and Inclusion programs, visit our Flickr page!

BOLD in the Community

Our focus is on performing outreach to girls in the local community. This program emphasizes self-esteem, wellness, professionalism, career goals, and personal growth designed to help teenaged girls build and retain their confidence. This program was developed and will be hosted by our Bold women.

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