Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Beyond creating a pathway to a variety of jobs for Spanish majors, our bachelor’s degree in Spanish will enrich your life and perspective as an individual and a contributing member of a global society. Develop a high level of language proficiency in Spanish, while exploring the historic development and pop culture of Hispanic culture and gaining deeper understanding of the characteristics and behaviors of the Hispanic world.

Our Spanish bachelor’s degree offers programs with or without teacher certification.

  • The bachelor’s in Spanish With Teacher Certification program has specialized courses in education for Spanish majors who want to teach Spanish at the secondary level. Our degree program is one of few Texas programs in Spanish that offers a Spanish Language Pedagogy course designed to prepare you for the Pedagogy section of the state teacher certification exam.
  • The bachelor’s in Spanish Without Teacher Certification program allows you to choose a variety of electives for flexible options. You can combine your BA degree in Spanish with other majors, such as International Studies or Pre-Law.

What is Spanish?

The Hispanic population in the United States is growing rapidly, and over 600 million people throughout the world speak Spanish as their native or primary language. With effective, bilingual communication skills and analytical skills, your career opportunities will expand significantly. Research has shown that bilingual employees can earn 5 to 20% more than those who are not bilingual. Graduates who are proficient in using both English and Spanish in a professional setting are highly sought after in the current job market.

What Can You Do With Your Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish?

Many of our undergraduate students, especially those with teacher certification, accept job offers before they graduate. They work in a variety of jobs, such as these:

  • Spanish Teacher, Bilingual Educator, ESL Instructor or Tutor
  • Interpreter or Translator
  • Diplomat or International Relations Consultant
  • Language Aide or Analyst
  • Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Diversity Education Coordinator
  • Cultural Events Planner
  • Travel Guide
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Writer or Editor

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Estimated Completion

120 Credit Hours (4 years)

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If you’re thinking about continuing your studies with graduate school, you may be interested in a master’s degree program in Spanish linguistics or literature, as well as Tarleton’s MA in EnglishM. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, or MA in Communication Studies. Some of our graduates with dual degrees also get accepted into law school or medical school.

Why Major in Spanish?

Our bachelor’s degree in Spanish provides formal language training, skills development in interpreting and analyzing texts, and deeper awareness of Hispanic language and culture.

What Classes Will You Take as a Spanish Major?

Our program curriculum starts with Spanish language proficiency skills, which are then applied in the upper-level courses while interpreting and analyzing texts. Explore topics such as Hispanic Caribbean culture and literature, historical and sociopolitical realities of Spain and Latin America, and 20th-century short Latin American novels and their historical context. Then choose from a variety of electives, based on whether you’re earning your teacher certification or not, such as Educational Psychology, History of Mexico, Latin America After Independence and Spanish Language Pedagogy.

For Spanish majors with teacher certification, the Spanish Language Pedagogy course helps you prepare for the state certification exam with theories and concepts in current methods of teaching Spanish as a second language.

View all required classes for the Spanish bachelor’s degree with Teacher Certification.

View all required classes for the Spanish bachelor’s degree without Teacher’s Certification.


How Do You Get Started on Your Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish?

Take the next step toward earning your bachelor’s degree in Spanish. We have the resources to help you get started.

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